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"When I came here I was in excruciating pain, & trust me I suffers from a lot of pain do to a lot of falls from being on chemo. Since I’ve been coming to get treatment I have been feeling so much better and I can sleep at night. Have been to a lot of places that did not help me and I couldn’t sleep good at night I would wake up in the middle night from pains not anymore. I’m gonna hate to stop coming here. I swear to beans it’s like having magic performed on you I feel a lot better ,still have a little ways to go but at least I can actually saying I’m really getting help. I really recommend that you get TheraMove and Diagnostics a chance I guarantee you will not be disappointed and trust me I suffer from a lot of pain I get injections in my back my knees in my feet and I use a walker., since I’ve been coming I’ve been using my walker less. It’s a blessing that the improvements I am really feeling , relieved when I came here I had a walker I don’t even need the walker really anymore just for long distance but that’s going to change I’m gonna be without a walker permanently TheraMove help."
Mar 31, 2022

TheraMove is the BEST! I went from not being able to walk without cringing in pain with each step that I took to being physically active with minimum limitations, and even doing what I love most…dancing!

– Jackie B.

7 months I was suffering from knee pain, I had been to several specialist with no prevail, until I came across Dr. Dave at TheraMove & the best thing I could have done.

– Tonya S.

I was in so much pain before receiving the excellent treatment while attending Theramove. I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Nick and Dr. DAV.

– Trina P.

Excellent service and great therapist who help me reduced my knee pain and able to stand and walk better. I was suffering from knee pain since last 4 years and couldn’t walk or stand for longer period of time. Since , I have started at TheraMove I am able to walk and stand better with almost no pain. Thank you Dr. Dave and Dr. Kalpanik for your help.

– Jaya B.

I came in here with my right shoulder pain. Dr. Dave & Dr. Nick made sure I left out of here pain free and drastically improved movement than before. Best place for physical therapy for any pains you have! Good job, Theramove!

– Smita P.

My experience with the TheraMove & Diagnostic therapy program up this point is very satisfactory and satisfying, although I have many more schedule coming. The workshop being done to my problem is with conflict with other problems I have with my Feet. At this point in time I am absolutely satisfied with the TheraMove

– Terry R.

I trust my knees to TheraMove & Diagnostics. Because they go one to one at a time. They listen to you and create costomize physical Therapy accordingly. I am able to achieve my daily goals more than ever. Dr Vijang Dave, Kalpnik and their entire team is very sincere, dedicated and professionals. I recommend them to one and all.

– Vijay V.

I alongwith my wife have been attending their fitness programe custom designed for our knee, back and neck issues. Dr Dave and his team dignose the problem first and then go for the cure. This place is not like many others We have been to where you are on your own without personal observation. It is like we have our fitness trainer who works hand on the area we need help with. It is personal, professional and friendly atmosphere at Theramove & Dignostics. They go an extra mile to accommodate you with your insurance plans as well. We have seen great results in our wellness. We recommend this place to everyone.

– Vinod V.

Dr. Dave was so good. He helped me showed me exercises to do. His bed side manner was excellent. I would highly recommend him. I guarantee you, you’ll feel 100% better!!

– Mona W.

Great and caring therapists that will spend time with you and get you moving

– April M.

Best choice to relieve your pain in city. Dr Nick and Dr Dave are so helpful and they have spectacular methods of treating the pain to avoid surgery. Best place!!!

– Vinay K.

We came across this practice on Facebook
My wife had a full knee replacement 8 months but was still in pain and having a stiff knee on top. She had done PT for 5 months and still not able to flex her knee.
Dr. Dave took it up as a challenge and wow he has been working hard on her knees and muscles from hip to ankle.
She is now able to go out on short walks and doing her exercise at home
Thanks for your dedication to your profession

– Chandra N.

The services that were provided were varied and beneficial. The therapists were caring and understanding.

– Yeve M.

Writing on behalf of my mother:

I highly recommend TheraMove & Diagnostic LLC. Dr Vihang Dave.
For those who are in severe pain or have not found satisfactory results in healing, must make an appointment with Dr Vihang Dave.
He performed the state of the art thermo imaging of my shoulder. He has worked diligently with me. He explained in terms I could understand of what was going on with me and what the goals were in order to heal.
His expertise, preciseness, positive manner, wonderful attitude and demeanor made the world of a difference which aided in me in accomplishing healing to the best of my ability.
Please don’t what any longer make your appointment today.

A very sincere and grateful patient. -CJ

– Erikah J.