At TheraMove and Diagnostic we perform testing using Electromyography, Nerve conduction studies and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging technique.

What is EMG? 

  • Its is electrodiagnostic studies which help to figure out whether there is problem with nerve, muscle, or both and if so where the problem is occurring.  Our therapist uses these techniques to diagnose, evaluate and to treat patient who are believe to have or who have documented physical impairments of nervous, neuromuscular and /or muscular systems.

What is NCS?

  • Nerve Conduction studies are the studies done by placing the electrodes on the skin and stimulating the nerve through electrical signals. The response we receive from these studies helps us to determine that how fast and how well these nerves responded. This valuable information helps us to determine whether the patient’s condition is coming from the nerve or with the muscles.  This process guides us to create a treatment protocol related to the patient condition. 

What is Ultrasound Imaging?

  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging is distinct from other imaging methods which uses sound waves to create images. It creates the real time image during both resting and with movement. It helps to determine the exact location of the problem whether it in joint, ligaments, muscles or tendon.  With Ultrasound imaging testing we can find root cause of the problem which sometime can be missed on MRI, CT scan or X- rays.