How it Works

The ROMBOARD’s unique patented design and specialized rehab exercises are designed to minimize pain levels throughout the recovery process and allow recovering patients to start their rehab process immediately after surgery.

Unique Features
  • Low Friction Rehab Surface
  • High Friction Stabilization Surface
  • Easy to Use Band Attachments
  • Free User Guide & Training Videos
  • Light Weight and Portable

The Complete ROMBOARD TKA Rehab Kit

Three levels of ROMBOARD TKA rehab packages are available at our office.

Ask your doctor today if the ROMBOARD TKA rehab kit is right for you.

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The ROMBOARD® Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Rehabilitation Kit is the world’s first self-rehab device designed specifically for patients following knee replacement surgery. The package has been proven to reduce recovery times by increasing mobility and strength faster following surgery, while reducing patient out of pocket expenses.


Accelerate Recovery Times

The unique ROMBOARD rehabilitation program is supported by online videos and is designed to start immediately after surgery, increasing activity levels, confidence, and performance while greatly accelerating the recovery process.

Increase Strength and Functional Mobility

As patients progress through the recovery process, the ROMBOARD patented exercises gradually increase in resistance and difficulty, significantly accelerating strength and function of the patient.

Make a Full Recovery

Patients who leverage the ROMBOARD rehab program demonstrate increased post-surgical satisfaction and a higher incidence of returning to normal functional capabilities at an accelerated pace.


Minimize Time in the Hospital

The ROMBOARD TKA rehab kit is easy to set up and use anywhere in the home. A detailed user guide along with free online training videos empower the patient to guide their individual rehab process at home and reduce time spent in the hospital or rehab facility.

Reduce Visits to the Rehab Clinic

Every physical therapist that utilizes the ROMBOARD TKA Rehabilitation Kit for their patients is trained and certified on the exercises and methods. Training includes, educating patients on proper techniques, progression of exercises, combining exercises, and what to expect throughout the rehab process. This training allows patients to accelerate their rehab and recovery at home, reducing out of pocket expenses for physical therapy.

Lower the Risk of Rehospitalization

In addition to achieving accelerated recovery times, ROMBOARD patients experience a reduced incidence of post-operation complications such as blood clots and stiff immobile joints, lowering the risk of additional medical costs.


Take Control

Feel empowered to take control of your TKA rehab process through simple exercises, easy to follow online videos, and a completely portable rehab kit that can be used in any location.

Achieve Results Your Way

The ROMBOARD rehab program is designed to conform to each patient’s unique recovery needs and personal schedule. Our user portal offers a way to log and monitor your progress and share results with your doctor.

Reduce Pain and Medication

The patented ROMBOARD design is engineered with an ultra-low friction surface that enables you to easily glide your body through exercises with no sudden starts or stops. This in turn lowers pain levels and enables more advanced exercises at an earlier stage.

Ask your doctor today about whether ROMBOARD is right for your TKA rehabilitation.